About Us

Education Background

About Our Model School

Model School was founded in 2002. It is well recognized thought the academic fraternity for its progressive approach and commitments to excellence Away from the hustle and bustle of a busy environment. Model School is situated in a sprawling lush green campus in 2’4 acres housing state of the art facilities which provide holistic education.

Fundamental Concept

In keeping with the changing times where the world is becoming more competitive with every passing day and posing new challenges for the younger generation, we aim at providing child centered education. We strive towards excellence in all spheres aiming at all round of the child. In the present educational world students are levied with theoretical knowledge and heavy bags. School and studies become boring and burdensome due to which students try to avoid studies and School. Any how does his homework due to fear of parents and teachers. This is not a good situation for a child. Hence a practical based child centered education setup through which we ignite a spark in the mind of the child to awaken the will in the students to acquire more knowledge which in turn lends clarity of thoughts and bring out the best them. In child centered education the child is motivated to find the answer to the question by himself. Due to which the child learn to solve his own problems which proves to be very beneficial to him in his practical life and personality development. The main aim of setting up this a school is to relieve the child from unnecessary load of books and also to remove the fear of studies. In our School children are taught lesson mostly through games and activities.