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Dear Prospective Parents,

When a child comes to us it is his/her very first exposure to the world outside the realm of the family. The imprints of the first experience guide the life later. there fore the school you eventully choose will expert a tremendous influence on the personal and intellectual growth of your child. Our Aim is to impart comprehensive quality education to develop the varied facets of a child's personality physical intellectual, spiritual and emotional. We fulfill this aim through a well-knit combination of general education and co-curricular activities. Very carefully we mould the wards into socially aware and responsible citizens.

At primary stage we lay emphasis on making the foundation of knownledge crisp clear coupled with a proper under standing of subjects. We supplement bookish knowledge with cultural and ethical knowledge as well, to give proper sanskar, something which the present world needs. We are all like family members where elders guide the youngsters and where the experience of elders match with the energy of youngsters. I hope, my institution and i will be able to nurture and mould your child to help him realise his potential to the fullest and live upto your expectation.

Mrs. Sushma Jain